The Great Leaving

September 3, 2015 1 Comments

We left.

Our house, our stuff, our school, our teams, our friends, our family. There was planning and prepping and sweat and tearful goodbyes. But no uncertainty.

This leaving is what we must do.

Last March I sent a yes to Hannah for a program she was running. It’s of Grace standing atop Whale Rock in Canyonlands National Park. Arms sretched high in victory. Freedom, permission, joy.

Everything I sought, my desires.










That yes brought me Melissa, Jenny, Kristen, Marisa, Bernadette. A circle of friendship and love ‪#‎beon‬.

That yes brought us deliverance from false promises, from a life of fitting in, doing only what’s expected based on rules that just don’t apply.

That yes allowed us to see all the parts of the people in our lives. To make space for the love of our family. To accept help, receive the happiness and longing they felt. The leaving lets us see more clearly what matters.

That yes brought me here. The first stop on the Barclay Beck Bennett year long pilgrimage. A flat in Chelsea on Gunter Grove. Waiting for Jenn to arrive so we can begin together.

Familiar and new, the duality of life always close at hand. Just as it should be.

To find a life you love? Say yes. Again and again. And again.

Just for good measure.

September 6, 2015

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