holy land

This is holy land. She is a diverse wonderland of peaks and valleys, rough terrain with desert oasis, fertile plains and sturdy oak. A watery sack laden with miracles and memory. The seasons have waxed and waned as they do, marking her surface. Childhood stamped in a faint white box on the tender skin beneath […]


For whatever reason, conjuring the map of my heart, the physical construct of it, eludes. It’s probably because I am the most pitiful of artists. This is not false modesty. Ask anyone who has played Pictionary with me and they will attest. If I could manage a steady hand and draw my love chamber, I’d […]

I’m like a bird

· [and a cloud and a snake] ·

Day 1 | You are a bird. Briefly describe yourself. Then describe in great detail the flight from one tree to another one mile away. I am a bird of prey, a stealth huntress: steely, stately, deadly. Beady, intense eyes still yet endlessly alert, an ancient knowing behind the pale hazel gaze. Beak angular, itself like […]