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Inspired by Nellie Bly

· Around the Block for Eighty Days? ·

Here’s what I got, all tied for first: (1) appreciation of beauty + excellence (2) bravery – which, based on the description provided, could only be surmised as mouthiness (3) humor (4) gratitude and (5) love of learning. Teamwork, prudence and perseverance tied for last. Like, way last. Honestly, what’s a Type A supposed to […]

the edge of new | yet again

· we launch ·

I sit at the Espresso House, working on the final tweaks: the askew photos and formatting snafus plague me.  The place is the perfect coffee shop: rambling two storey layout with long wooden community tables, club chairs, oversized comfy couches, free wifi that’s actually fast and outlets aplenty. Oversized antler chandeliers hang from the ceiling. It’s Starbucks […]

The Great Leaving

We left. Our house, our stuff, our school, our teams, our friends, our family. There was planning and prepping and sweat and tearful goodbyes. But no uncertainty. This leaving is what we must do. Last March I sent a yes to Hannah for a program she was running. It’s of Grace standing atop Whale Rock […]

Edge of new

I’m ordering books and subscribing to expat blogs. I bought a map of Europe at Barnes & Noble last night. Stop saying if. We’re going. We’re doing this. [My mantra.] Then, randomly, I thought about Grace’s driving test next month. It made me pause. Mourn a little even. Why does the mere thought of driving to […]