Travel Deeper is a different kind of resource for people who crave meaning, beauty, spaciousness and depth in their travels, whether across the globe or in their own backyard.

It’s lingering at the cafe drinking lattes and reading poetry by a local writer, discovering new art at a small gallery, taking wrong turns and stumbling upon the perfect dumpling house, baguettes in the park while you quietly sit and marvel at the beauty of it all.

Travel the way it’s meant to feel.

For now I’m using this space to file my Field Notes: a front row play-by-play of the places I wander and the things I learn along the way. Here is where I house my favorite photos, share a laugh or two and inspire fellow Wayfinders to cultivate your own sense of wonder. I take you inside and show you how I mark time and measure life’s impact.

There will be more. Right now I’m working on a special project over here.

I’m filled to the brim with ideas. But, like my travel philosophy, I’m in no rush. However it unfolds, I want to build a community from all walks of life sharing their discoveries and experiencing the profound reward in finding our own way [even, perhaps especially, in our own backyard].

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Together, let’s let curiosity be our compass.



Adventure is woven into my origination story.


I spent the first two years of my life in Okinawa, returning to the US a verbal wunderkind [look mom, there’s a white dog!] and fiercely independent. At nine, my parents sent me off to spend the summer with family in Kentucky and Ohio.

The first visit to Europe was in high school, the first month-long, 10,000+ mile, cross country road trip followed just a handful of years later and soon after I’d spend my first wedding anniversary in Hong Kong and China [sans groom].

My kind of adventure is not measured in some roller coaster riding, Everest climbing, sky diving kind of way. I hate heights, ok? I prefer to mosey.

My life is an adventure of meaning and awe. It’s a devotion to joy and living authentically.

Nearly ten years ago I began a rigorous practice of saying yes – to change, to desire, to living a life without shoulds, to adventure.

That practice culminated in The Great Leaving of 2015.

We’re talking location-independent senior year of high school for my daughter as we made our way through Europe and beyond. The beloved big guy traipsed alongside, feeding us a constant supply of top-notch culinary options while I forced us up the highest point in search of a killer aerial view.

Most days our legs are tired but the soul has been stirred.

We no longer check boxes. We live our yes.

If I’m not solving the world’s problems while chugging a Caramel Macchiato at the nearest Starbucks, you’ll find my nose in a book I’ll never finish [the curse of a multi-passionate nerd], belly to the barricade at a James Bay concert, binging on BBC podcasts, mothering the girl, living my Core Desired Feelings out loud or shopping for a new white button down.

Seriously, you can never have too many button downs.