2017 is here. Oh, joy.

· For the first time in my life, I'm looking back with longing ·

I can’t say I’m looking forward much at all these days. My #liveforward mantra is dead silent. There is no word of the year bubbling up from within, no big ideas or events filling up my favorite calendar, no mad purging and clearing and readying. I’ve even lost much of the resistance warrior that resurfaced […]

the edge of new | yet again

· we launch ·

I sit at the Espresso House, working on the final tweaks: the askew photos and formatting snafus plague me.  The place is the perfect coffee shop: rambling two storey layout with long wooden community tables, club chairs, oversized comfy couches, free wifi that’s actually fast and outlets aplenty. Oversized antler chandeliers hang from the ceiling. It’s Starbucks […]