Changing the Maps

I’ve long loved Rebecca Solnit. It started way before mansplaining became a global phenomenon and The Nation proclaimed her the “Voice of the Resistance”. I carted around Field Guide to Getting Lost during our year traveling abroad [the rest of the philosophy queen’s body of work easily accessible on the Kindle]. So when I read […]

Inspired by Nellie Bly

· Around the Block for Eighty Days? ·

Here’s what I got, all tied for first: (1) appreciation of beauty + excellence (2) bravery – which, based on the description provided, could only be surmised as mouthiness (3) humor (4) gratitude and (5) love of learning. Teamwork, prudence and perseverance tied for last. Like, way last. Honestly, what’s a Type A supposed to […]

Guggenheim Redux

· The Miracle in Bilbao ·

I haven’t posted a 1 Year Ago in a few days. It’s not because I’ve fallen off the wagon. It’s because we were hermits with zero tourism game. I had no notes to rely on, a couple receipts. Not a single photo was snapped on January 8, 2016. It’s doubtful a shower was involved. Personal hygiene takes a backseat […]